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New jobs to go to schools in SA

The Government is to hire about 100 extra human resources staff in the wake of a record number of students leaving the classroom in South Australia.

Key points: About 20,000 students left school last year for school-based work The Government has set a target of about 50,000 school-related jobs in the state by 2020 The target is expected to be met with “huge” investment in schools, education chief says The Government will also spend $5.5 million to improve teaching and learning outcomes in SA Public school students are the biggest single source of funding for education in SA and the Government is seeking to invest in them.

The Government announced in September that it would be investing $5 million in school education in the next two years, with the first funds earmarked for the next academic year.

In the same year, the Government announced a target to hire 20,100 extra staff to the Department of Education in the SA system.

But, in a statement, Education Minister Jason Clare said the target would not be met.

“Schools are a key component of the education system in SA, and our focus will continue to be on ensuring our students receive the best education possible,” he said.

“Our goal is to achieve a target by the end of the year 2020.”

Mr Clare said it was not just the schools, but the wider school system that was the focus of the Government’s investment plan.

“We’re also going to continue to focus on ensuring schools have the support and support they need to achieve their goals and continue to drive forward the reforms that we’re making,” he told the ABC.

Mr Clare’s statement also highlighted the Government was working with the School and College Authorities (SCAs) in the region to improve the quality of instruction.

“It’s our ambition that every student who’s in a school will receive the quality and value of education they deserve, whether they’re in a classroom, at home or anywhere else,” he added.

“We’ve made significant investments in education in South Australian schools, and we’re determined to make sure that this investment continues to deliver the best outcomes for students.”

In April, the state’s education minister, Mark Bailey, said the Government would invest $3.5 billion over the next four years to improve educational outcomes in South Australians.

“The Government is making an investment of more than $3 billion in education over the course of the next decade,” Mr Bailey said.

He said the investment would be made on the back of a $3 million target set by the State Government and an additional $2.5 per pupil increase.

“Schools and colleges are key components of our education system and they have a huge impact on our quality of education, our ability to deliver our schools, our success in achieving the State’s economic growth targets and so on,” he explained.

Mr Bailey also revealed the State had increased funding for schools by $1 billion over four years.

The State Government announced the funding increase to schools was based on the results of a four-year analysis by the National Institute of Education and Training (NIT).

The report showed that SA’s schools were performing at a lower level than nationally.

“This research also showed that students were performing well, and in some cases better than they had been in the past,” Mr Clare told the program.

“And so we’ve committed $2 billion in additional funding over the coming years to ensure that every SA school is on track to achieve the targets that we’ve set out to achieve.”

The new funding is aimed at providing more funding for primary school teachers, who are the largest employers in the schools system.

“There are also going out of the schools to other schools to be able to get more resources and better support for those teachers,” Mr Clark said.

Students, parents and teachers in SA will be asked to provide feedback about the funding allocation to the State Department of Human Resources and Development (DHRC).