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How much do you spend per child per week?

Children aged 5-11 spend between €400 and €900 per week, according to the latest figures from the European Union’s research agency.

These figures show that while it may seem to be cheaper to take care of a child, there is no guarantee that a child will get the right care.

The report found that, for a child aged 5 to 11, the average cost of child care in Europe is around €300.

However, the figures do not include costs for carers or parents who do not have the funds to cover the cost.

In Italy, children aged 4 to 6 spend €250 per week.

This is significantly lower than the €350 average cost per child in the UK, which is €600.

In Greece, children spend between £400 and £700 per week per child.

This figure is significantly higher than the UK average of £450 per week and the EU average of around £200 per child, the report found.

Spain is the only country that shows a lower average cost, at €310 per week for children aged 5 years and under.

However, Spain is home to a large number of families that do not take care for their children.

These families spend €1,000 per week on childcare.

According to the report, the costs associated with care for children with special needs are estimated to be around €5,000 a year.

While the cost of care varies from country to country, there are some common themes across the European nations, including the cost per person for children in the most disadvantaged classes of society, as well as those with lower incomes and people with lower education.

The European Commission is investigating the cost-effectiveness of a national childcare scheme.

The commission is currently considering proposals to establish a national system of childcare for children.

This is the second time the commission has investigated the cost to parents and carers of child-care provision in Europe.

In 2012, it published its findings on the cost effectiveness of national childcare schemes.

In 2017, it also published its report on the effectiveness of childcare services in England, Wales and Scotland.