PRONOIA RESOURCES LIMITED Order Online How Israel and the U.S. are in a ‘dangerous partnership’

How Israel and the U.S. are in a ‘dangerous partnership’

Israel and Washington are in “dangerous partnerships,” and the White House is considering using force against Iran in order to end the “threat of a nuclear Iran,” according to two Israeli officials familiar with the matter.

The Israeli officials said the U!


is considering “targeting” Iran’s nuclear facilities, which would mean Israeli action against Iran’s facilities would be justified, but did not elaborate.

Israel would be acting as a “last resort” to stop Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, the officials said.

The White House has not officially commented on the sources of the threat, but U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said he believes the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons is imminent.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also pushing the U.’s allies to act militarily to halt Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons.

The U.K., France and Germany have said they will consider military action in response to Iran’s actions.

The U. S. and Israel are in the midst of a major diplomatic and political dispute over Iran’s enrichment of uranium to weapons-grade levels.

In the midst, Israel has sought to portray its threats to Iran as a non-nuclear issue.

While Israel and Iran have maintained that their differences are purely academic, they have been unable to reach a negotiated settlement.

Iran has repeatedly threatened to attack Israel with nuclear weapons over the past decade, with the latest warning coming after Israel’s military launched a “preemptive strike” on a Syrian nuclear facility in 2015.

Iran has denied the accusations.

U.S.-Iran relations have soured in recent years after a 2013 nuclear deal that left Iran under U.n. sanctions and led to billions in sanctions relief.

The deal also required the lifting of sanctions on Iran’s oil exports.