PRONOIA RESOURCES LIMITED Application How many new hydroelectric power stations will there be in Queensland?

How many new hydroelectric power stations will there be in Queensland?

The Government’s plan to build more than 20 new hydro-electric power plants in Queensland has been delayed by a new renewable resource.

Key points:The Queensland Government says it will build 10,000 new power stations by 2026The State Government has said it will use its “historic role” to support renewable energy sourcesRTE’s Steve Collins examines the key reasons for the delayThe Queensland government has said there will be a minimum of 10,100 new power station capacity across the state by 2028, and a maximum of 12,000 by 2036.

“We’ve been working on this for a number of years, but the last couple of months has really been a time of major rethinking in the energy market,” said Premier Campbell Newman.

“I want to be clear that the Government’s policy is the right policy.”

It’s a good one and I think that’s why the Government has committed to it.”‘

It’s important to keep Queenslanders happy’The State’s Energy Minister, Mark Scott, said the plan had been in the pipeline for some time.”

There’s a lot of interest in this and we’ve been able to do a number in the last year,” he said.”

But we know we’ve got to keep the Queensland economy happy and it’s important that we do that.”‘

A good decision’For the Queensland Government, it has been a “very difficult decision”.”

It is not a good decision to be looking at doing this in the middle of the summer,” he told the ABC’s Q&A program.”

If we’re doing this, it’s not the best time to do it.

“What we’re looking at is how do we keep the lights on in the state.”

Mr Scott said he would have to do some “very careful work” to make sure the State Government got the project through the next Parliament.

He said the State’s new Premier, Steven Marshall, had indicated he would not back the plan.

“That’s the position we’re in now and we’re going to continue to be in that position,” he added.

“My focus is on keeping Queenslanders satisfied.”

As Premier, I’m focused on delivering the best possible jobs and our economic growth.

“The people of Queensland deserve that.”

Mr Newman said he had not yet had a chance to talk to Premier Marshall.

“He hasn’t given me any details on how he’ll get the project to fruition, but we’ll certainly get him in touch as soon as we can,” he continued.