PRONOIA RESOURCES LIMITED Application ‘We are not going to die’: Woman on pregnancy tips

‘We are not going to die’: Woman on pregnancy tips

A woman in her 20s was treated for an abortion in the Philippines when she found out she had been pregnant.

She was in hospital for six days when she had an emergency Caesarean section and had to be taken to the Philippines for the abortion.

The hospital said the woman was in a state of labour and did not have the capacity to deliver.

She had undergone a Caesarian section and the operation was unsuccessful.

She has been discharged and is receiving counselling.

“She had not had any symptoms, and she had gone for an ultrasound.

The abortion was performed in the last days of her pregnancy and she has been informed of her rights,” a hospital spokeswoman said.”

We will work closely with her to ensure she is provided with all the appropriate medical care.”

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