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Mexico’s tourism boom will be a boon for the US economy

Mexico’s economic growth is forecast to accelerate after President Enrique Pena Nieto took office in October.

But many analysts predict that Mexico’s long-term economic recovery will be dependent on the United States.

The country has long been the most expensive destination for foreign tourists, and many Mexican tourists have been lured away by the economic opportunities offered by the US.

But Pena’s popularity has also prompted many Mexican businesses to focus on attracting foreign workers, and the economy is expected to grow by nearly 5% in 2019, according to the latest data from the National Statistical Institute.

That could mean a boost to the country’s $2 trillion economy, which is expected by analysts to grow about 2.5% this year and by 1.5%, 2019.

The government has announced plans to create more than 4,500 jobs and invest nearly $4 billion in infrastructure, such as roads, airports and water systems, by 2020.

Pena Nieto also announced an ambitious plan to spend $3.2 billion on infrastructure for the next two years to repair roads, bridges and other infrastructure that are in danger of collapsing.

Polls show Pena will win re-election this month.

But it is unclear if he will be able to make his ambitious infrastructure spending a top priority in his final year in office.