PRONOIA RESOURCES LIMITED Application NHL says players will not be suspended for ‘unacceptable’ use of cell phone

NHL says players will not be suspended for ‘unacceptable’ use of cell phone

The NHL has announced it will not discipline players or coaches for using cell phones while on the ice, but the league is calling on players and coaches to follow rules for their use.

In a statement, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said the league will work with teams and players to develop new rules for players and coaching staffs to comply with the league’s concussion protocols.

In February, the NHL said it would suspend players and staff for two games for using their cell phones during an optional 10-minute period after they are not using their equipment.

It also will suspend the players for two additional games for a violation of its concussion protocol, and suspend the coaches for one game for a third violation.

The league has suspended players for using phones while using equipment and coaches for not following concussion protocol.

“We believe the NHL has a duty to enforce its concussion protocols, and we will do so,” Bettman wrote.

“We have already developed new guidelines to help our players and our teams comply with them.

The NHL’s Concussion Working Group will continue to review all of our policies and rules to develop and implement the most effective ways to enforce our rules.”

The league is also considering a new rule that will prohibit coaches from using their phones during their post-practice work periods and is developing new rules to help players and teams comply.