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What’s new on the Texas Health and Human Services website

Texas Health Department (THD) announced this morning that the agency has closed the site of its website that contains all the state agency’s health information.

The announcement came just a few hours after the state of Texas announced the closing of a portal that had been used to provide health care coverage information to patients.

The portal is now available through a new service called the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The Health Insurance Marketplace, launched in January, allows individuals to obtain health insurance and purchase policies and coverage online and through phone or mail.

The state’s website was initially opened as a way for people to sign up for Medicaid, but was later expanded to include all of the state’s health care services, including dental, vision, dental plans, mental health and a wide range of medical and prescription drug coverage.

The agency said the portal would not be accessible for any additional services until the end of the month.

THD said it will not reopen the portal until October 1, which will allow time for the health system to address technical and other issues.

The website was accessible to visitors during the Texas State Fair, the World Wide Festival of the Arts, the Texas Capital Holiday Parade and the State Fair in Dallas.

The service was initially available on the public health website, which was shut down early in the week, but it was reinstated as of Monday afternoon.

The Texas Health Authority has not yet announced how many people are currently enrolled in its health insurance marketplace.

Health officials also said that the site was not accessible to consumers who are uninsured.

“The health insurance marketplaces are not yet fully operational, and THD has not provided information on the number of individuals currently enrolled,” said Kathleen Johnson, the agency’s chief communications officer, in a statement.

“We anticipate that enrollment will begin to stabilize over the next several weeks.”