PRONOIA RESOURCES LIMITED Sports ‘It’s all about the money’

‘It’s all about the money’

India’s natural resource planning agencies are gearing up for a crunch as the government looks to tackle the country’s chronic shortage of minerals.

The new Resource Planning Commission (RPC) is to be established this month, aimed at speeding up the process of creating national mineral plans and improving their efficiency.

It is also expected to ease the flow of information between the states, to enable easier decisions on resource allocations and to streamline the resource allocation process.

The RPC will be tasked with creating a unified national resource planning scheme for India, and a unified resource allocation plan for the country.

“It is our mission to improve resource planning across the country, as it is our responsibility to provide the resources that are needed to ensure our national prosperity,” said Pramod Jain, chairman of the committee, which is headed by Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje.

Raje, who is also the secretary in the cabinet, said the aim of the new body is to speed up the development of national resource plans and to make it easier for states to access minerals.

“The new commission will be able to do this by simplifying the process for allocating resources and enabling a better coordination between state governments,” she said.

The commission will also be empowered to make resource allocations based on local needs, and to give a greater say to the state governments.

The committee, whose mandate will be to implement the Resource Planning Act, has already taken steps to address the shortage of coal in the country and the state-wide shortage of steel in the national steel industry.

The ministry of petroleum and natural gas has also been pushing for a resource allocation system to help reduce the wastage of resources in the state.

The Centre has also asked the Centre for details on the availability of steel.

Rupa Bhattacharya, chairperson of the Resource Management Council, said resource planning is one of the major issues facing the country right now.

“We are in a critical period.

Our resources are in an abundance.

We need to be able for more resources to be produced.

It is our duty to ensure that resources are utilized and used for the national good,” she told IANS.