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NASA: The space station is not on Earth

By Chris RobsonNASA has been criticised for its lacklustre response to a huge influx of astronauts returning from a space station mission.

The space agency’s response to the influx has been poor and in many cases is still failing, with NASA still failing to respond to requests for information about a new crew member.

As the space station’s astronauts return, the US space agency is increasingly finding it difficult to get information about the crew members and equipment that are on board the station.

A spokesperson for the space agency told reporters that NASA is still waiting for the latest information about its astronauts before it can begin to respond.

“It’s been quite a few months since the space shuttle program ended,” the spokesperson said.

“So we have a pretty good idea about the personnel on board and how they’re doing.”

The spokesperson did not elaborate on how many crew members have been on the ISS.NASA’s response has been described as “a bit of a mixed bag” by Nasa’s chief scientist, Richard Aboulafia.

“The basic problem with the space industry is that there’s not enough data to get an accurate picture of what’s happening in the world,” Mr Aboulafafasaid.

“When it comes to the crew, the question is not if we’re sending somebody but how many and how often they’re going to be there.”

The space industry has been struggling with a lack of information and data for years, with the government funding limited and data being scarce.

“If you ask me about what is going on, the answer is we’re not sending anybody,” Mr Albrecht said.

In the case of the space stations crew members, Mr Abulafia said he hoped the space program could take advantage of the limited data available to address questions about their health.

“In my opinion, we need to be sending people to space who have not been sent before,” he said.

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