PRONOIA RESOURCES LIMITED Order Online Android phones are now getting smartwatches like Google’s latest Moto 360.

Android phones are now getting smartwatches like Google’s latest Moto 360.

Google is now offering its new Android Wear smartwatch in the US and Canada, but not in Japan.

Instead, the company is now rolling out an update for Android Wear 2.0.2, a version of the wearable operating system that lets developers build smartwalls that can work with smartwires.

Google says the update will roll out to more than 100,000 devices in the coming weeks.

While Google says Android Wear watches will work with the Moto 360, Android Wear devices that run the Google Fit app will work only with Android Wear 1.0 and up, Google’s press release says.

The company also says users can update to Android Wear firmware version 1.2 and use their watches without worrying about the software updates.

The Moto 360 comes in a number of colors, including black, gold, silver, and white.

The watch has a small display, but the small screen is actually pretty nice considering it’s only 5mm thick.

It has a 1.3MP camera and a 2MP front camera, which gives it some impressive image quality.

The Google Fit apps work with both Android Wear and Android Wear apps from the Google Play store.

In a blog post, Google says that the Moto watch will launch in the next couple of weeks, but it won’t arrive until the fall.

Google isn’t disclosing a price for the Moto smartwatch.

Android Wear is Google’s new wearables platform that lets users interact with their devices without a phone.

It allows developers to create apps that integrate sensors like heart rate sensors, camera, and accelerometer into wearables.

The wearables can be used on smart phones, wearables with sensors like the Fitbit Flex or the Apple Watch, and wearable watches with sensors such as the Samsung Gear Live or Pebble.

Google recently launched an Android Wear developer preview.