Coaching For Executives

Why do we feel powerless or overwhelmed in certain situations and overly-impatient in others? Why is it that some projects and people are easy, satisfying and productive to work with and others are not? How do we find the confidence, insight and ease to be successful in achieving our goals through others? If our expectations are out of sync with our goals, our odds for success go significantly down. Belief coaching can help by getting to the ‘root-cause’ of what’s limiting our results – our limiting beliefs. For Example: If I expect a board member to offer little support or airtime at the meeting, even though my goal is a pleasant, easy experience, I will usually get what I expect – a difficult experience. The key to change is to uncover the expectation that I hold that creates my experience. Regardless of past experiences with this person, why do I believe this is true? Perhaps I have a belief that says ‘what I want is not important’ and this person confirms it for me. Our limiting beliefs are formed from our early experiences and are often unconscious. By uncovering them, we offer ourselves the choice of what we believe is true. What if there was another way to see the situation that would empower me to support myself and what I want, regardless of what that board member did or didn’t do? That is where belief coaching comes in. We support executives to uncover, challenge and change the limiting beliefs that are out of alignment with their goals. When our goals are aligned with our beliefs, things happen easily and quickly and generate energy for everyone involved. We coach Executives focused on making a difference who are ready to take their organization to the next level by aligning their beliefs about their work, themselves, their team, and their board to achieve the highest impact for dollars and efforts.

Belief Coaching includes:

  • Assessing your current belief alignment in each major aspect of your job
  • Uncovering the limiting beliefs that are out of alignment with your goals
  • Learning the skills to responsibly express the emotion tied to those beliefs
  • Define new beliefs that are in alignment with your desires
  • Integrating those beliefs into your day to day effort, with support, working towards 90 day and 1 year goals

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