Coaching For Individuals

It’s difficult to identify our own limiting beliefs when we are in the middle of living them. Changing our limiting beliefs to ones that work in our favor can be tricky when those beliefs lie hidden from our unconscious awareness. The key is to move our attention away from controlling ourselves and everyone around us, and move our focus to what we have real control over – our beliefs…and the feelings, actions and circumstances we create through them. We coach Individuals who are ready to achieve their dreams in major life areas including, relationships, work, health & wellness, and purpose. Beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking until they become true for us. When we challenge and change the ones that are working against us, we can create what we desire, with little effort, in every area of our lives. It requires building new skills to be present, notice and feel what is going on inside of us, allow our feelings to release, and to activate our imagination with all of our senses, regardless of past or present evidence in front of us. That is where Belief Coaching comes in. We offer present, passionate and supportive coaching from someone who has been using these tools for themselves, yet is outside of your situation, and in the best position to help you identify, challenge and change the limiting beliefs you have hidden from yourself.

Belief Coaching guides you to:

  • Assess your current level of alignment in one or more major life areas
  • Uncover the limiting beliefs that are out of alignment with your desires
  • Learn the skills to responsibly express the emotion tied to those beliefs
  • Define new beliefs that are in alignment with your desires
  • Integrate those beliefs into your day to day life with support, working towards specific and measurable goals

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