Coaching For Organisations

Why is it that some projects and people are easy and satisfying to work with and others are not? Even when our Organization is focused on ‘doing good’, what is it that makes certain efforts succeed and others struggle, sputter or bomb out? Why do some of our best laid plans never come to fruition? If team members have expectations that are out of alignment with the shared goal, the odds of success go significantly down. Belief coaching can help by getting to the ‘root-cause’ of what’s limiting our results – our limiting beliefs. The limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world are often unconscious and play out in ways that keep us and the team we are part of, from our full potential. If even one team member has strong limiting beliefs pulling their focus and energy away from the group’s goal, things will just be harder for everyone on the team.There are three dimensions to consider for a team to achieve its full potential:

  •  What everyone on the team believes about the goal
  •  What everyone on the team believes about themselves in relation to the goal
  •  What everyone on the team believes about each other in relation to the goal
  • The gap between beliefs and the shared goal is what we seek to close through team and individual belief coaching as a vehicle to create the highest results possible.

    Our approach is designed to uncover, challenge and change the limiting beliefs of team members that are out of alignment with the shared goal. When our expectations of ourselves and the rest of the team are aligned with our shared goal, things happen easily and quickly and generate new ideas and energy in everyone involved.

    Belief Coaching includes:

    • Defining the goals of the team both internally and externally and including the values that are the standard for behavior.
    • Assessing each team members’ belief about the shared goal, themselves, and each other in relation to goal achievement
    • Supporting team members to clearly and kindly ask for what they want, and say no to what they don’t want in their work together
    • Empowering individual team members that are out of alignment, to shift their limiting beliefs and behaviors about themselves and others
    • Guiding the team leader to integrate the new value based behaviors into day-to-day interactions of the team, keeping score of positive changes in energy, solutions, actions and speed in accomplishing the shared goals

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